The Top 5 Fastest-Growing Jobs to Consider in the New Year

While millions of people remain without work due to COVID-19, there is hope on the horizon for 2021 as the labor market continues to rebound. New Indeed data shows that some industry growth may have even emerged because of the pandemic directly—including professions like travel nursing and telemedicine, which exponentially increased this past year as healthcare facilities were forced to evolve to meet the needs of the population.

Below, we list the top 20 fastest-growing jobs of 2020 and explain their rise during the pandemic and why you might want to consider them in your job search in 2021. We also discuss how to update your resume and cover letters in the new year and how to use Indeed’s resources to make your job search successful.

The Top 5 Fastest-Growing Jobs to Consider in the New Year

Fastest-growing jobs in 2020

Below, you’ll find a list of the fastest-growing jobs from 2017-2020 with jobs that had the highest growth at the top. You will also find information about the jobs including national average salary and common job duties. For a list of all jobs available now, start your search on

1. Relocation assistant

Primary duties: Relocation assistants typically work for consulting companies that help businesses relocate current or newly-hired employees. Relocation assistants often help consultants with administrative duties while learning the relocation industry, as it is typically an entry-level job. They may learn about real estate, transportation of household goods, and how to review contracts.

This industry has seen recent growth as companies headquartered in places with a higher cost of living—such as New York City or San Jose—were drawn by lighter tax burdens and a lower cost of living to secondary cities like Austin, Atlanta, Dallas, and Phoenix. In 2020, local governments also sought relocation assistants to help low-income citizens facing eviction or homelessness during the pandemic.

Growth in job postings, 2017-2020: 600%
National average salary: $52,670 per year

2. Travel nurse

Primary duties: A travel nurse is a registered nurse—encompassing various clinical backgrounds—who fill short-term employment needs in hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities. Travel nursing became popular when there was a nationwide shortage of nurses, and it has surged in 2020 as facilities sought assistance to cover nurse shortages when coronavirus cases skyrocket in their area. To attract RNs, healthcare facilities offer to cover housing and relocation costs in addition to higher pay. A travel nurse usually stays in one location for 13 to 26 weeks or until the healthcare facility they are working at no longer needs them.

Growth in job postings, 2017-2020: 269%
National average salary: $103,093 per year

3. Telemetry nurse

Primary duties: A telemetry nurse generally works with patients who are placed in the telemetry unit of a hospital and are suffering from heart disease, heart failure, and complications associated with cardiac conditions. They use specialized equipment like EKG and breathing machines to monitor patients’ progress and provide cardiac intervention methods in the event of an emergency. Nurse placement companies are reporting all-time-high demand for this specialty.

Growth in job postings, 2017-2020: 254%
National average salary: $158,473 per year

4. Real estate agent

Primary duties: Real estate agents assist clients with the sale, purchase, and rental of residential, commercial, and industrial property. They manage everything from finding real estate that meets clients’ needs and preparing contracts to create property listings and arranging viewings. A typical real estate agent works under a licensed broker to develop a client roster, publish and review listings, arrange property viewings, negotiate purchase offers, and create contracts and deeds.

The rise and resilience of the real estate industry have been a cornerstone of 2020, as many buyers began house hunting to take advantage of low mortgage rates, and sellers were motivated to take advantage of rising property values due to demand.

Growth in job postings, 2017-2020: 213%
National average salary: $82,689 per year

5. Telemedicine physician

Primary duties: Telemedicine physicians communicate with patients via telephone, online chat, or through a video call. Telemedicine jobs were already on the rise, but the field has seen accelerated growth in 2020 after the CDC issued guidance to adopt social distancing practices, specifically recommending that healthcare facilities and providers offer virtual clinical services. This allowed patients to seek care for non-emergency conditions, get prescriptions renewed or changed, or get a referral to other physicians without going into a hospital or doctor’s office.

Growth in job postings, 2017-2020: 212%
National average salary: $192,755 per year

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