Williamson County Schools: Elementary School Teachers – Brentwood, TN

Elementary School Teachers Job Description:

To be considered for vacancies you must submit the online application and attach your resume. You may also send your resume to the email address provided at each school location.

After you complete the online application and take the ball up assessment send your resume to the email address indicated below. Principals will review your request and gall up evaluation, and if your background and certification are consistent with the needs of their school, you may be contacted for a building interview. Due to the volume of applications received not all applicants will be contacted for interviews.

IMPORTANT:NEW TN GUIDELINES- Effective September 1, 2015, TN praxis test are required for all candidates seeking a TN teacher’s license (All Out of State applicants that hold a current renewable Out of State valid license will receive the TN Practitioner License and all TN praxis test are required before the end of the 3rd year teaching in a TN school district to advance to the TN Professional license.

Title: Elementary School Teachers
Job Type: Full-time
Location: Brentwood, Tennessee
Employer: Williamson County Schools
Position Area: Elementary Teacher, English, Reading, Reading/Language Arts, Math (General), Science (General), Social Studies (General)

Starting salary levels are based on related experience and a combination of any higher education,
including college credit certificates, directly related to the position, as follows:
Level 0 is equivalent to 0 years of experience
Level 1 is equivalent to 1-2 years of experience
Level 2 is equivalent to 3-4 years of experience
Level 3 is equivalent to 5-6 years of experience
Level 4 is equivalent to 7+ years of experience

The experience must be equal to that required by the position. The Human Resources Director will make the sole and final determination as to which experience will be accepted. A one level increase may be granted for each level of higher education not required for, but directly related to the position.

Examples of a related degree include: A bachelor’s degree in Education would count towards experience for the Teacher’s Assistant position. A 2-year certificate from an electrical program would count towards the Electrician position.

*Food Service Workers employed as a Rover receive an additional $1.50/hour in place of mileage reimbursement.
**Special Education Teacher Assistants used in the Supportive Classroom at Winstead Elementary School receive an additional $1,000/year

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