GRADUATE NURSE ANESTHETIST for Los Angeles County Department of Human Resources in Los Angeles, CA

GRADUATE NURSE ANESTHETIST Position/Program Information
Performs anesthesiological management of patients undergoing surgical, diagnostic or therapeutic procedures and airway management in the event of cardiopulmonary resuscitation, under close medical supervision.

Essential Job Functions

  • Makes pre-operative visit to examine the patient, review medical history and review the patient’s chart and selects the type, dosage, and combinations of anesthesia required to meet the needs of the patient taking into consideration the patient’s condition and nature of surgery to be performed;
  • consults with the surgeon, dentist, or anesthesiologist for advice when “high risk” factors are evident in the medical history;
  • inserts the intravenous needle or catheter and starts medicated fluids before beginning of surgery;
  • performs intratracheal intubation in the operating room by an inserting tube which carries the anesthetic gasses into the patient’s lungs; places a small catheter down the tracheal tube, during surgery, to suction secretions which accumulate in the patient’s lungs;
  • administers anesthesia by intravenous injection, gas inhalation, or a combination of the two, making necessary adjustments to both during the surgery according to the patient’s needs;
  • observes the patient during surgery for excessive loss of blood or impingement on patient’s nerves or major organs and continuously monitors pulse rate, blood pressure, and respiration;
  • regulates the flow of intravenous solutions according to variations in blood pressure and monitors intravenous blood transfusions according to the direction of a physician;
  • upon completion of surgery, discontinues the anesthetic and increased oxygen flow to return the patient to a conscious state.

SELECTION REQUIREMENTS: A Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college, school of nursing* – AND – Completion of a course in anesthesia of at least 18 months’ duration approved by the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists.
Physical Class    Physical Class II – Light: Light physical effort which may include occasional light lifting to a 10-pound limit, and some bending, stooping or squatting. Considerable walking may be involved.

License(s) Required
A license to practice as a Registered Nurse issued by the California Board of Registered Nursing.

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