What Is A Staff Accountant

Staff accountants are hired by businesses to do bookkeeping, organize financial records and perform the calculations required to file taxes. A bachelor’s degree in accounting is generally required to land a job in the business, and some employers prefer candidates who are working on becoming a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

The staff accountant is an entry-level position in the accounting profession, so many start in this role. Most employers will look for candidates who hold at least a bachelor’s degree in accounting, though sometimes bookkeepers and clerks can work their way up to a staff accountant position by showing they have the necessary skills.

Staff accountants are accounting professionals who work with a group of accountants in the accounting department of a business or an accounting firm. Staff accountants usually are senior accountants or may even run the accounting department. Staff accountants have many duties throughout the course of their workday.

The staff accountant definition allows for staff accountants to work in either small or large businesses and typically in an office setting.

A staff accountant is responsible for keeping records, maintaining financial reports, preparing budgets, and other general bookkeeping tasks. Staff accountants work for accounting companies, public corporations, non-profit organizations, and governmental agencies. They also prepare documents like tax returns, monthly reports, and money statements.

What Is A Staff Accountant

A staff accountant manages financial statements to keep their company in good financial standing with creditors, clients, and the IRS. A staff accountant creates an accounting system that adheres to federal regulations and keeps order for all financial procedures.

What do you do as a staff accountant?

Others work for companies, usually under a senior accountant, doing things like payroll, receivables, and financial statements. How Do You Become a Staff Accountant? The staff accountant is an entry-level position in the accounting profession, so many start in this role.

Staff Accountant’s Duties

  • Public Accounting. In public accounting, the staff’s accountant services purchasers beneath the superintendence of an additional senior-level accountant.
  • Corporate Accounting. Corporate staff accountants work beneath the superintendence of associate accounting manager or alternative top dog.
  • Government.
  • Health Care and Nonprofits.

Staff accountants handle basic accounting tasks like financial reporting, budget preparation, and general bookkeeping for an organization. Many professionals in this position prepare tax returns and some …

A staff accountant helps maintain the financial records of a business. The primary role of a staff accountant is to help the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and the senior accountants of the …

A Staff Accountant is an important position in many large businesses. A Staff Accountant aids in preparing financial forms and statements on behalf of the company. In addition to this, a Staff …

As a staff accountant, you manage a company’s financial statements, prepare and file tax returns, and generate fiscal reports. Staff accountants also maintain a general ledger, establish and monitor accounts on behalf of the company,

Accountants often begin their careers as staff accountants. Staff accountants perform many of the same tasks as accountants. However, staff accountant positions typically require less …

Staff Accountant Job in Yasmesoft – Edison, NJ

Project Accountant/Staff Accountant provides financial support to the various project teams throughout the Company, primarily the Operations and Property Development teams. Responsibilities include budgeting, contract and invoice processing, project reporting/analysis, and project closeout/capitalization.

Salary : $90,000 – $91,000 a year
Job Type: Full-time


  • Bachelor’s (Required)
  • Accounting: 7 years (Preferred)
  • MRI: 5 years (Preferred)
  • Property Development/Real Estate/Construction: 3 years (Preferred)


  • Provide financial support to the project teams throughout the company – primarily focused on development projects.
  • Perform accounting functions within the Job Cost and Accounts Payable modules of the MRI accounting system.
  • Responsible for budget development and approvals, contract and invoice processing, project reporting and analysis, and closeout/capitalization of the jobs.
  • Attend development meetings to keep up to date on active projects, as well as gain an understanding of upcoming projects.
  • Work closely with the team members managing the projects to develop budgets for all projects.
  • Ensure budget packages are complete and addresses issues of taxation, reimbursement, and proposed general ledger coding.
  • Code new jobs in the MRI Job Cost module and establish an interface chart that links each phase code/cost code combination to a general ledger account.
  • Obtain approvals for all budgets and interface charts within MRI (by Controller and/or Assistant Controller).
  • Properly set up contracts in MRI, with approval by Assistant Controller and/or Controller before any vendor payments can be made.
  • Review and code invoices to contracts and projects with applicable job code, phase code, cost code, and general ledger code.
  • Track construction in the process (CIP) on a project level and reconcile to the general ledger.
  • Prepare asset capitalization for approval by the Assistant Controller and/or Controller.
  • Work with the Assistant Controller and Controller to ensure that Cost Segregation Studies are obtained when necessary.
  • Must be knowledgeable concerning current tax depreciation laws as applicable to real estate development projects.
  • Prepare close-out analysis of each project to ensure transactions were properly recorded, contracts and invoices were processed and paid correctly, and capitalized amounts are recorded to the Fixed Asset System.
  • Ensure the close package includes various reports, including a final contract summary report and analysis of budget to actual with notes for any significant variances, and reconciliation to the general ledger.
  • Assist in the timely achievement of departmental and Company goals.
  • Act as backup for other duties for the department when necessary.

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