Nurse Anesthesiologist Salary

Simply put, a nurse anesthetist is involved in every step of the anesthesia process. A certified nurse anesthetist earns a national average salary of $185,099 per year. In order to make this average salary, you’ll need to obtain certification. Certified nurse anesthetists can also make an average of $27,000 per year in overtime pay.

A nurse anesthetist is an advanced practice nurse who administers anesthesia for surgery or other medical procedures. They are involved in the administration of anesthesia in a majority of countries, with varying levels of autonomy.

A certified nurse anesthetist earns a national average salary of $185,099 per year. In order to make this average salary, you’ll need to obtain certification. According to 2020 data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nurse anesthetists earn an average salary of $189,190 per year ($90.96 per hour). The estimate will vary depending on….

The average salary for a Nurse Anesthesiologist is $135,000. Base Salary. $101k – $216k. Total Pay. $102k – $212k. The average Anesthesiologist salary in the United States is $409,200 as of July 26, 2022, but the salary range typically falls between $354,500 and $463,900.

How much do nurse anesthetists make in overtime?

Certified nurse anesthetists can also make an average of $27,000 per year in overtime pay. It’s important to remember that your salary is also dependent on your experience, expertise, which state you’re located in, and your workplace.

What are the highest paying States for nurse anesthetists?

Montana is currently the top-paying state for nurse anesthetists, with an average annual CRNA wage of $242,140 annually. The minimum amount of education for a nurse anesthetist is a master’s degree. Some CRNAs may choose to obtain a doctoral degree in the field.

How much does a CRNA make in a year?

In some states, CRNAs make $200,000 or more on average. The job outlook for certified nurse anesthetists is excellent; employment for nurse anesthetists is expected to grow by 14 percent from 2019 to 2029, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. What you need to know about a career as a CRNA

What is the job growth rate for nurse anesthetists?

The BLS also projects a 14% job growth rate for nurse anesthetists from 2019-29, or 6,200 new positions. The chart below details nurse anesthetist salary data over the last five years.

Nurse Anesthesiologist Salary

Anesthesia Technician, Per Diem – Santa Monica Job and Salary


Under the general direction of the OR Director and direct supervision of the Unit Manager and the registered nurse, the incumbent is responsible for assisting the anesthesiologist in preparing the equipment needed to administer anesthesia.
This involves setting up invasive lines for patient monitoring; performing cell saving procedures; setting up Laser and Video equipment and assisting in Laser procedures; setting up other OR equipment and performing clerical and coordinating duties as assigned by the RN Charge Nurse.

The incumbent will perform job duties following department protocols and manufacturer’s recommendations in operating equipment; adhere to established procedures based on the anesthesiologist’s preference in setting up invasive lines. Must consult with physicians and charge nurses regarding allocation of equipment.
The incumbent will make independent decisions, as appropriate.


  • Competency in running cell savers, operating Laser, video, Endoscopy, and other major OR and monitoring equipment.
  • Writing skills for accurate documentation. Skill in speaking the English language with medical/surgical terminology.
  • Ability to comply with department standards inclusive of attendance, dress code, and varied work schedule.
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced and stressful environment. Ability to prioritize own work to complete assigned tasks during the shift.
  • Knowledge of infection control and Health Surveillance, OSHA, Universal Precautions, Waste Management, Handling of hazardous substances, and the Medical Device Act. Knowledge of AORN and AAMI Standards specific to areas of responsibility
  • Knowledge of the Mission and Philosophy of SM-UCLA Medical Center. Knowledge of Patients’ Bill of Rights.
  • Knowledge of department policies and procedures.
  • Ability to meet physical requirements of the job relating to lifting, carrying, pulling, or pushing 50 lbs. or more, extensive walking and standing, and manual dexterity in operating equipment.
  • 2 years as Anesthesia Technician Preferred.
  • ASATT Certification
  • Current CPR certification required

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Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist yearly salaries in the United States at UCLA Health Average salary $143,353 per year

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