Austin Independent School District: Teacher (ESL 1st Grade) job in Austin, TX

This Teacher (ESL 1st Grade) position requires the ability to apply knowledge of current education and instructional theories, methodologies, techniques, principles, subject matter, and knowledge of State, local, and Federal laws and regulations affecting the lives and education of students. Incumbent must have an understanding of child and adolescent development and have the skills to manage student behavior. Incumbent must have the ability to communicate effectively using a variety of media, work with others as a team, organize and maintain records, manage time and resources effectively and efficiently, and evaluate performance and provide constructive feedback. This Teacher (ESL 1st Grade) position requires the ability to read, write, and speak English fluently.


  • The position requires a valid Texas ESL teaching certificate on the subject and level of assignment.
  • In addition, individuals in core academic subject areas must meet the highly qualified teacher requirements as per the No Child left Behind Act.


  • Incumbent is responsible for planning, organizing, and presenting instructional lessons contributing to educational, social, and physical development of students to enhance their self-worth and equip them with the basic knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to function in society.
  • Considerable judgment, tact, patience, sensitivity, and flexibility are required to interact with students from varied socioeconomic backgrounds and learning styles.
  • This position requires creativity and adaptive thinking to match teaching objectives, learning strategies, and instructional plans with students’ abilities.
  • Judgment is required to interpret broad State, local, and Federal laws, regulations, and policies affecting the lives and education of students and the impact of the laws on instructional methodologies or techniques employed.


  • Plan lessons, including activities such as preparing learning objectives and goals, designing tests or exams, studying material, setting up labs, and preparing exams.
  • Prepare lesson materials, supplies, and equipment (e.g., copy materials, set up technology equipment, arrange lab materials).
  • Provide instruction to a class, individual students, or groups of students using such methods as oral presentation, demonstration, discussion of homework assignments, answering questions, offering laboratory directions, and games.
  • Facilitate learning in the classroom (e.g., maintain discipline; encourage participation; consult with parents, school staff, and other care providers to identify and address social or developmental needs).
  • Tutor students to accelerate learning.
  • Evaluate student performance.
  • Maintain records and document student progress (e.g., record grades and absences, provide progress reports).
  • Perform all duties pertaining to the area of expertise as required (e.g., early childhood, language, music, physical education, vocational training, safety, and career education).
  • Maintain contact with parents in regard to student performance through activities such as parent-teacher conferences, progress reports, letters, and special meetings.
  • Maintain professional development through such activities as classes, conferences, seminars, workshops, and professional journals; provide technical guidance to less experienced teachers.
  • Perform various administrative activities (e.g., attend faculty and staff meetings, order equipment and supplies, copy materials, create bulletin boards, take attendance, obtain permission slips, and coordinate department activities).
  • Monitor student behavior both inside and outside the classroom (e.g., during class, in hallways between classes, and during assemblies, extracurricular activity meetings or events, fire drills, or other group activities).


  • Perform other related duties as assigned; however, all employees are expected to comply with lawful directives in rare situations driven by need where a team effort is required.

Incumbent receives administrative supervision and is typically evaluated about three times per year. It is expected that less experienced incumbents will receive additional guidance on instructional matters and that those with more experience will serve as mentors, providing suggestions, guidance, and assistance as appropriate or necessary. It is expected that some incumbents will be more involved in planning and coordinating departmental activities. The supervisor may provide detailed instruction regarding changes in policies, procedures, or laws or in reference to unusual circumstances or problems. The incumbent has significant contact with students, parents, and other school staff to provide instruction, offer guidance, exchange information, and develop social skills of students. Incumbent may also maintain contacts within the community to enrich the content of materials and utilize additional instructional methodologies (e.g., take field trips, invite guest speakers).

  • Location: Lee ES
  • Date Available: 08/18/2015
  • For Fiscal Year: 2015-2016
  • Teacher Pay Grade: P6
  • Duty Days: 187

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