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How much do yoga teachers make? Salaries for yoga teachers may depend on many factors, including their level of certification, training, and experience as well as their employment type and geographical location. Common Yoga Teacher salary in the U.S.: $31.04 per hour

In the United States, fitness trainers and instructors may be paid an hourly rate, minimum wage, a flat salary, a per-head bonus, or a combination. Small studios may pay $35 per class, more established…

From glassdoor, the estimated total pay for a Yoga Instructor is $60,669 per year in the United States area, with an average salary of $56,473 per year.

Yoga Teacher Salary

How much money do yoga teachers make?

“Making a living” means something different to everyone and largely depends on where you live, your lifestyle, your expenses, and how much you work. As you saw with the numbers above, you definitely can make a living teaching yoga. Many yoga instructors make $20-$60k per year and absolutely love their careers.

How to make more money as a yoga teacher?

How to make more money as a yoga teacher. There are many ways to use your skills and training as a yoga teacher to take on additional roles and increase your earning potential. Some options include the following: Earn advanced certifications. Pursue specialized yoga certification. Teach at multiple facilities.

How much does your yoga teacher get paid?

How much do yoga teachers make? Salaries for yoga teachers may depend on many factors, including their level of certification, training, and experience as well as their employment type and geographical location. Common salary in the U.S.: $31.04 per hour. Salaries range from $7.25 to $76.25 per hour.

What is the salary of a yoga teacher?

More experienced yoga instructors who have the following might also earn sponsorships and advertising deals. Yoga instructors in the U.S. earn an average salary that was recorded at $30.91 per hour, though salaries are frequently updated on Indeed.

Yoga Teacher Pilates Fitness Job at StretchLab of Johns Creek, GA

Yoga Teacher Salary $15 – $27 an hour – Part-time
Position: Our Flexologists will provide one-on-one assisted stretches as well as lead guided group stretching classes for our clients.

Job Description

StretchLab has gathered a team of experts already certified in an array of related fields – physical therapy, chiropractic medicine, yoga, Pilates, and more – and brought in the world’s leading authority on stretching and flexibility to deliver on the promise of having the finest team of stretching professionals gathered anywhere. StretchLab’s proprietary Flexologist ™ training ensures that their clients receive a world-class stretching session.


  • Deliver one-on-one assisted stretch sessions as well as group stretch classes for up to 6 clients
  • Encourage and motivate clients throughout stretch sessions
  • Build StretchLab membership and retain current clientele through sales and outreach to leads
  • Managing client care by delivering a best-in-class stretching experience, updating client notes consistently, and booking client’s weekly recurring appointments
  • Ensure the safety of clients in regard to proper stretch techniques and enforce StretchLab policies and safety rules
  • Attend staff meetings and required educational presentations
  • Handle member concerns when applicable
  • Assist Sales Associates and General Manager with studio tours and sales as needed
  • Maintain a strong social media presence for client membership and retention
  • Clean and maintain all equipment in order to ensure it is available for client use at any given time


  • Love of boutique fitness environment is a must – passion for stretching, mobility, and flexibility
  • Previous experience as a Massage Therapist, Personal Trainer, Physical Therapist, or Pilates or Yoga Instructor
  • Experience working in a fitness/health environment where you provide hands-on training with a client
  • Fitness certification required
  • Ability to create a positive environment that welcomes all people
  • Fantastic communication skills and exudes empathy
  • Must love connecting with people and have a passion for helping them achieve goals
  • Must have a professional work ethic, be reliable and adhere to our attendance policies
  • Must be available to go through our 3-day Flexologist Training Program™, which includes 20 hours of online tutorials and 3 days of in-person/hands-on training

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