Travel Nursing With Family

Travel Nursing with Family: Transportation. When it comes to transportation, there are tons of possibilities. Many people think they’ll need a large SUV, van, or truck to make travel nursing with family work. While these options are nice, they aren’t necessary. It’s possible to make it work with a compact car!

Travel nurses can travel and live all over the country, have the flexibility to work as much as they want, watch their children grow and flourish in their new environment, and be with their families. Travel nursing is a life-changing adventure for every member of the family.

Have you ever thought about travel nursing with your family? While a lot of people believe that travel nursing is inherently a solo activity, we’re here to tell you it’s not! Many of our nurses bring their families with them on assignments and make memories while traveling the country.

Managing a travel assignment and a family may take some planning, flexibility, and compromise, but it can be done successfully. There are several things to take into consideration, such as the following: Traveling with Children. If you have children, taking a travel nursing assignment can be a great adventure, but there are a few factors to think about.

7 Travel Nurse Tips for Travel Nursing with Family 1. Determine Your Housing Needs. Even before accepting a travel nursing job in a new location, talk to your recruiter about your family’s housing needs. Travel nurse agencies such as NurseChoice typically provide a free, furnished, 1-bedroom apartment while on assignment.

Should I take my Family on a travel nursing assignment?
Although there are several factors to consider if you plan to take your family with you on a travel nursing assignment, it can be worth the effort. Sitting down together and working out details is a good place to start.

Travel nursing with a family gives you the opportunity to do all of that…and that’s your JOB! In short, Travel Nursing with a family is more possible today than ever. Travel nurses make more money and have more chances to negotiate for flexible schedules.

The Benefits of Travel Nursing with a Family. We get it, travel nursing with a family seems pretty hard. Balancing taking care of your family by putting in grueling hours at work can be very stressful. But if you have children, you can still be a successful travel nurse.

Travel Nursing With Family

Nursing Attendant
Under the direct supervision of a Registered Nurse or physician, performs a variety of patient care functions as assigned and in accordance with the legal scope of competency and within established standards of care, policies, and procedures. Demonstrates performance consistent with the Medical Center Vision, Mission, and Strategic Plan of the organization. Remains flexible to changing systems; is expected to demonstrate quality and effectiveness in work habits in delivery of care; and treats co-workers, patients, families, and all members of the health care team with dignity and respect.

Essential Responsibilities:

  • The Nursing Attendant demonstrates proficiency by exhibiting the following skills, competencies, and behaviors. Leadership Upholds Kaiser Permanente’s Policies and Procedures, Principles of Responsibilities and applicable state, federal, and local laws. Demonstrates a professional, supportive attitude. Identifies and supports new ideas. Utilizes effective communication strategies, including chain of command and issue escalation, which result in intended outcomes. Participates in problem identification and resolution in collaboration with the Registered Nurse. Prioritizes work assignments appropriately to ensure completion of patient care activities and notifies Registered Nurse if unable to complete assignments. Complies with regulatory requirements, policies, procedures, and standards of practice. Nursing Process Correctly identifies patient and scheduled procedure. Performs patient care activities, within the scope of competency, considering the age-related needs of the patient as assigned. Reports unusual findings to the Registered Nurse. Collects data and provides information in a timely manner to the Registered Nurse which may assist in the revision of the plan of care. Discharge barriers are discussed with the Registered Nurse and intervention taken as directed. Adheres to hospital standards, which customize care for age-related needs of the population served. Keep health care team members informed regarding patient’s responses to interventions with their scope of competency. Documentation Charting is legible, dated, and signed. Documentation reflects through data collection within the scope of competency. Documentation is complete for activities performed. Clinical Outcomes Applies standard precautions; keeps a safe environment for self and others. Observes patient/family conditions and report to Registered Nurse sudden changes or unusual findings. Demonstrates competencies during the probationary period and ongoing by the completion of departmental competency validation. Transports patients, equipment, supplies, and specimens throughout the medical center utilizing proper body mechanics.
  • Participates in departmental performance improvement activities, i.e., planning, measuring/monitoring, assessing, and improving. Utilizes computer systems effectively and efficiently. Customer Service Practices customer service standards as defined by the Service Area, Medical Center, and specific department. Anticipates the customer’s desires, takes proactive steps to meet those needs by listening and taking responsibility within scope to ensure issues are resolved. Assists members who are less than satisfied with their experience by listening and taking responsibility within their scope to ensure that the issue is resolved. Promptly answers call lights, alarms, and patient requests. Under the direction of the Registered Nurse, gives patients and their significant others the information needed within their scope of competency. Maintains and protects patient confidentiality. Assures a clean, orderly, and functional work environment. Team Commitment Viewed by others to be an effective team member who is flexible, cooperative, and willing to assist others. Confronts difficult or conflict situations constructively and seeks appropriate assistance. Takes accountability for own actions and accepts constructive criticism. Assists others unfamiliar to the department. Attends all mandatory meetings and in-services, a minimum of 50% of staff meetings, and actively participates in other departmental professional development. (Requirement may vary for per diem staff). Participates in the assessment of current and future unit learning needs and development of the annual educational plan. Keeps themself informed of activities on the unit and makes recommendations for change. Adheres to Regional Attendance Policy. Reports to assigned area promptly, being present and available for report at beginning of the assigned shift. Minimizes personal phone-call time. Supports a collaborative labor-management partnership environment. Fiscal Responsibility Organizes work to minimize the use of overtime. Identifies and assists in systems improvement that needs simplification or correction. Utilizes payroll and non-payroll resources to their maximum potential.

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