ProActive Technologies Inc: Software Engineer – Oviedo, FL

This is software engineering job from ProActive Technologies provides state-of-the-art hardware and software design engineering and logistical and management support services to the simulation and training marketplaces for Government and private industry. Our driving principles of QUALITY, ON-TIME DELIVERY, and SERVICE are achieved as a direct result of our employees’ dedication to fulfilling our customers’ goals. INTEGRITY and CREDIBILITY are our foundations. We stand behind our word and our work. This philosophy is the basis for ProActive Technologies’ exceptional reputation with our customers, suppliers, and competitors.

We seeking The software engineer is expected to apply industry standard analysis, design and programming techniques to implement complex software subsystems for Weapons Systems Trainers and Operational Flight Trainers; contribute towards enhancing corporate design and programming capabilities and standards. The position requires researching and applying advanced mathematical models and programming techniques to design, develop, maintain and extend innovative products and solutions for simulation and training.

Education / Experience:

The Software engineer job position requires a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in an engineering discipline with a minimum of four (4) years of directly related simulation training systems experience, and a minimum of four (2) years of simulation and modeling engineering software development experience (e.g., real-time executives, distributed interactive simulators, avionics, I/O, aural cueing systems, flight, engines, 1553, multi-function displays interface, visual systems etc.). Experience with flight/weapon simulation systems is preferable (e.g., OFT, WST).

  • Capable of obtaining and maintaining US Department of Defense (DoD) secret security clearance.
  • US Citizenship is required.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Analyzes the complete set of behavioral and performance requirements specified for large software components to produce maintainable, extensible, and efficient designs. Use of requirements management tools (e.g., DOORS).
  • Software engineer Works with minimal guidance to implement the designs that fully satisfy all their respectively allocated and derived requirements on behavior and performance. Addresses any challenges in the areas of multi-threading, synchronization, memory management, data encoding and storage, IO sampling, network protocols, computational modeling, and algorithm design with minimal support. Identifies the technical constraints of components’ design, and disseminates that information appropriately within the team to facilitate the design and integration of interoperating peer components.
  • Prepares the documentation, data, and presentation material needed to support design reviews by integrated product teams (IPTs). Formally presents designs, when required, to enable IPT members to assess their correctness, completeness, and feasibility of implementation.
  • Continually apprises supervisor of progress on milestones associated with each assigned task using formal weekly reports. Advises and assists junior software engineers, as needed, in overcoming implementation-specific challenges in the areas of programming languages, object-oriented methods, build procedures, and configuration management.
  • Participates in code reviews to validate assigned software component’s adherence to established corporate standards for format, content, and documentation. Ensures that their implementation leverages object-oriented principles to afford flexibility, maintainability, and extensibility.
  • Software engineer Creates automates unit-test code, when possible, that is repeatable and uniformly applicable. Runs unit-tests on their developed components to validate functional correctness. Assists supervisor to integrate unit-tested components with hardware into a final product.
  • Assists in writing test plans and procedures to validate the functional correctness and the desired performance of their assigned components. Executes the test procedures to internally validate the correctness of the integrated product, and resolves any assigned discrepancies/deficiencies.
  • Software engineer Supports customers’ acceptance testing. Resolves any assigned customer-noted discrepancies/deficiencies, and assists supervisor to configure and deliver the final product to the customer.
  • Assists technical writers with documenting the design, interfaces, and use of assigned software components.

Non-Essential Software Engineer Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Support new business proposal efforts.
  • Support research and development in an individual and/or team environment.
  • All other duties as assigned.

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