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Registered Nurse in the Bronx, NY Position Description:

Renders professional nursing service to home care clients as assigned. Services include nursing assessment, direct care, teaching, counseling, and case finding. The Registered Nurse is responsible for identifying and coordinating needed services as dictated by the medical treatment plan, nursing assessment, and the client environment. The Registered Nurse reports to the Nursing Supervisor.


  • Assures the safe delivery of therapeutic patient care in agreement with policies and professional nursing standards.
  • E-6 Performs comprehensive, accurate physical assessments of clients, and records such data on agency forms correctly.
  • Records thorough and accurate health histories and initial nursing assessments.
  • Identifies client health problems accurately and comprehensively.
  • Communicates client’s conditions, responses, and needs to medical practitioners and other professionals as needed to promote management of the customer’s health needs.
  • Accepts medical orders by agency policy.
  • Provides skilled nursing care, prescribed treatments administer medications and other services in agreement with a plan of care and consistent with the medical regime. Obtains specimens for ordered lab work.
  • Participates in performance improvement activities in compliance with policy and professional standards.
  • Continuously assesses and evaluates the quality of services delivered to ensure the highest possible level of care and customer satisfaction.
  • Demonstrates certain and creative problem-solving ability by identifying problems affecting customer satisfaction, service quality, and efficiency and makes recommendations for improvement.
  • Formulates paraprofessional care plans, if assigned. Orients and instructs the paraprofessional to the care plan, reporting requirements, and agency policy.
  • Supervises the paraprofessional is assigned. Performs evaluation, teaching, and records such activities as required by the agency, according to policy.
  • Documents assessments, visits, communications, conferences, care plans, and discharge planning and summaries by agency standards.
  • Completes admission and discharge paperwork in a timely fashion.

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Registered Nurse in Bronx, NY