U.S. Navy for Nurse, RN, Registered Nurse Opportunities in Akron, OH

Author - September 28, 2014


As a Navy Nurse, you will provide wide-ranging care for Sailors, Marines and servicemembers – and their families. In this position, you will do everything a typical nurse does – with the opportunity to set yourself apart and go beyond the routine:

  • Checking vitals, treating wounds and managing triage
  • Lifting spirits, restoring hope and mentoring others
  • Contributing to humanitarian relief efforts and participating in outreach programs in this country
  • Utilizing some of the most advanced technology on the planet
  • Working at top military nursing facilities on shore, at sea and in the field
  • Teaming with top health-care professionals on the highly respected Navy Health Care team


Already a nursing professional? Choose any one of three outstanding offers:*

  1. Up to $50,000 in nursing school loan repayment assistance
  2. Specialty pay: up to $30,000 for nurses, up to $75,000 for nurse anesthetists
  3. An immediate one-time sign-on bonus of up to $10,000

Currently a nursing graduate student? If you join the Navy Reserve Nurse Corps while enrolled in a postgraduate nursing program, you can get:

  • A monthly stipend of $2,060 while completing your education program
  • Plus up to $50,000 in nursing school loan repayment assistance

*Offers cannot be combined and depend on specialty. Sign-on bonus offer option available only to those with prior Navy experience (NAVET).

Note: Contact a Navy Reserve Medical Officer Recruiter for complete offer details.

As a part-time Navy Nurse Officer, you can enjoy some real practical advantages. Standard benefits include:

  • Four days’ basic pay for only two drilling days each month
  • Tax-free grocery and retail shopping at military stores
  • VA home loans (based on service commitment)
  • Low-cost life insurance options up to $400,000
  • Recreational opportunities at low or no cost
  • Annual worldwide travel opportunities
  • Points toward retirement with each drill

Beyond extra income and great benefits, you will:

  • Improve existing skills and gain new ones along the way
  • Become even more valuable to your employer
  • Earn greater respect from coworkers and patients
  • And find exceptional fulfillment as you serve those who defend our freedom and security

All this – with the pride, purpose and satisfaction of serving your country. With a flexible schedule and convenient drilling locations. Giving you exceptional experience that will benefit your career, your family and personal pursuits.


To qualify for employment consideration in the Navy Reserve Nurse Corps, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a U.S. citizen or a foreign citizen licensed to practice in the U.S. (contact a Navy Medical Officer Recruiter for details)
  • Be a graduate in good standing of a U.S. education program granting a bachelor of science degree and accredited by the appropriate state board of nursing or the National League for Nursing
  • Be licensed and in good standing to practice in a U.S. state, the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico or a U.S. territory, and currently engaged in a nursing practice
  • Be between the ages of 18 and 39 (waivers may be granted)
  • Meet Navy standards for medical health and physical fitness

to apply : http://tinyurl.com/25y5hor

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