Teachers at Educational Services of America in Holly Springs, MS

Author - May 28, 2011

Ombudsman is seeking Teachers to work full time and part-time at our Holly Springs center in Holly Springs, MS during the 2011-2012 school year.

Teachers job Description:

Our teachers facilitate the success of our program by overseeing the students from the view of an advocate or mentor. While many of our students come from a troubled background, our philosophy appeals to them because Ombudsman represents a fresh start, and they have real control over their own destiny. The common thread running through our student population is that the traditional setting has not worked. For the most part, students realize Ombudsman is probably their last chance at a high school diploma, even when they come to us as junior high students.

By implementing the philosophy of Dr. William Glasser, the student is encouraged to take responsibility for his/her own behavior and education. You may further acquaint yourself with this philosophy by reading The Quality School, Schools Without Failure and Choice Theory in the Classroom by Dr. William Glasser. This philosophy will be referenced often during your training process. It is a key component in the understanding of the implementation of our program.

After an initial period of settling in, most take the program very seriously and are quite successful. We pride ourselves in having maintained an 85% retention rate for some years. It is this success and our pride in our achievement that is so exciting for many of our teachers.

Teachers is during the employee’s initial adjustment period, close attention is given to training and development. Involvement in student management, the writing of programs, observing student enrollments and understanding the basic and reading skills labs will be a part of initial training.

Teachers Candidate Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s Degree with middle school or high school teaching experience.
  • State Teachers Certification / License is required.
  • Teachers candidate have a Strong motivational and communication skills and adaptability to shifting priorities so that a positive learning environment is assured.
  • Ability to prioritize so that deadlines are met.
  • Teachers have an Organizational skills and attention to detail.
  • Teacher have a Computer/clerical skills for preparation of reports.

Teachers job is Equal Opportunity Employer
Teachers Salary : –
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