Teacher Job in Blackshear, GA – Educational Services of America

Author - June 15, 2012

Description of Teacher Job

Ombudsman students follow an academic program created to meet their specific needs and schedules. Students are responsible for following a prescribed learning path and complete most coursework on computers, so they receive immediate feedback and become familiar with tools they will use in college, trade or vocational school or the workplace.  They also benefit from teacher-led small group instruction.

Ombudsman Educational Services is seeking a full-time teacher for our Center in Blackshear, GA. This center  focuses on students who have not been successful in a traditional classroom setting. Through one-on-one instruction, teachers guide and encourage students through the process of making positive choices about their education so they can become successful students and productive citizens.

Teacher Job requirements:

  • Bachelor’s Degree with middle school or high school teaching experience.
  • Valid State Teacher Certification.
  • Experience working in a team environment.
  • Strong motivational and communication skills and adaptability to shifting priorities so that a positive learning environment is assured.
  • Ability to prioritize so that deadlines are met.
  • Organizational skills and attention to detail.
  • Computer/clerical skills for preparation of reports

Ombudsman Educational Services operates more than 100 learning centers serving more than 120 school districts in numerous states. Nearly 123,000 students have attended Ombudsman since it was founded in 1975, and 85 percent of Ombudsman students graduate, earn credits or return to their district school closer to or at grade level. Ombudsman helps districts increase graduation rates and decrease dropout rates, and measurably advances students’ skill levels.

To apply Teacher Job vacancy  >>> http://tinyurl.com/cgsbtmo