Teacher Job at Autism Discovery Institute in San Diego, CA

Author - May 18, 2011

TeacherFranciscan Hospital for Children: Special Education Teacher - Brighton, MA. Read more ... » Job at Autism Discovery Institute in San Diego. Under general supervision, Teacher provides quality care to children in a safe, healthy and nurturing environment.  Within the program’s daily schedule, ensures each child has the opportunity to create, explore, and learn problem solving and critical thinking skills through self-initiated and teacher-directed activities.

Our programs offer inclusion services to children with autism and other special needs.  Teachers are responsible for understanding and implementing naturalistic intervention strategies to assist children with special needs in interacting with peers and developing communication and social skills, and coordinating efforts with other teachers and staff in the classroom.  Teacher is responsible for ensuring that the center meets or exceeds governing regulations.


  • High school diploma, GED, or foreign equivalent
  • 24 Early Childhood Education (ECE) units
  • Teacher have 2-year teachings experience in an early childhood setting
  • Current CPR/BLS certification (issued from American Heart Association)


  • Undergraduate degree in Child Development or equivalent
  • Teacher have 3 years of teaching experience in an early childhood setting
  • BA in psychology, child development or related field (12 units must meet licensing requirement for child development courses)
  • Teacher must 1 year of teaching experience in an early childhood setting

To apply Teacher jobUniversity of Chicago: Homeroom Teacher - Chicago, IL - Primary School. Read more ... » >>> http://tinyurl.com/6cq69ml