Tax Accountant at Caterpillar Inc. in Nashville, TN

Author - May 29, 2011

We are seeking applicants for a Tax Accountant opening in our Nashville, TN office. The successful incumbent will possess Canadian Tax Accountant experience.

Tax Accountant Job Summary :

  • Tax Accountant must Prepare and analyze tax and accounting records and reports.
  • Prepare or review the statistical and financial reports, local, state, federal, and/or international tax returns prepared by other tax members.
  • Handle or assist in the handling of tax audits.
  • Tax Accountant must Provide tax research, assemble facts and provide proposals for business application.

Tax Accountant Principal Duties and Responsibilities :

  1. Based upon the assignment, prepares accurate, high quality tax returns. The returns may include U.S. and International sales and use tax returns, annual reports, local license tax returns, partnership income returns, or other miscellaneous tax returns.Tax Accountant Reconciles and analyzes the tax accounts associated with those returns, and makes proper business decisions based on the results. May prepare tax letters or other reports for Caterpillar Inc. or management.
  2. Tax Accountant Researches tax issues and either acts based upon the research or advises management concerning complex alternatives. Issues may include U.S. and/or international transactions.
  3. Provides tax assistance to subsidiaries, branches or regional offices, dealers, customers, and other departments within the Financial Products Division (FPD).
  4. In the Sales and Use Tax area, conducts or assists with audits as determined by the State and Local Tax Manager. Tax Accountant Creates audit plans, collects audit material and data, researches tax issues and either resolves the issues or makes recommendations to the State and Local Tax Manager.
  5. In the Income Tax area, Tax Accountant will prepares monthly accruals for state and/or federal income taxes, which may include Financial Accounting Standard (FAS) 109 analyses and returns to provision adjustments. Tax Accountant Responsibilities may include, but are not limited to, capital assets, including monthly journal entries, providing reports to Caterpillar Inc. and reconciling the associated accounts. Provides support on securitized transactions and service agreements. Prepares complex tax letters and analyses.
  6. May coordinate and review lower level tax work assignments for accuracy and completeness.
  7. Tax Accountant Participates in accomplishment of continuous improvement objectives for the department. Progress toward accomplishment of these is measured through maintenance of necessary measurements and analysis of associated data. Participates in the identification of problem areas and development of resolutions to address them.
  8. Tax Accountant Understands the Harassment policy of the company and is responsible for its application in all aspects of employment.

Tax Accountant Job Requirement:

  • Demonstrated knowledge of and ability to apply math computation skills including basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
  • Demonstrated ability to use software packages associated with accounting, i.e. tax systems, spreadsheets, graphics, and word processing.
  • Tax Accountant must Demonstrated ability to use tax and accounting systems to prepare multiple monthly state tax returns, meeting all deadlines, keeping penalties and interest to a minimum, fully analyzing accounts; or the ability to use tax research skills to put together international tax research proposals, tax letters and provide these to the businesses with minimal assistance and guidance.
  • Tax Accountant must Demonstrated ability to understand and apply tax research skills to state and local, and/or Federal and international tax planning situations; providing proposals for solutions to more complex tax questions.
  • Tax Accountant must be Demonstrated ability to handle tax audits and/or prepare data and proposed research solutions to more complex tax audit questions. Tax Accountant must Demonstrated ability to put together an audit plan; use audit preparation techniques; do advanced tax research; put together audit materials and data; understand tax audit issues; and help with final research to resolve issues.
  • Demonstrated ability to perform reviews of tax letters and analyses prepared by other staff members with minimal assistance.
  • Demonstrated ability to direct other staff members in how to complete projects with minimal assistance.
  • Tax Accountant must Demonstrated ability to handle complex tax analysis and account analysis with the ability to communicate the analysis results to staff or outside auditors.

Tax Accountant Salary grade : –
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