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Author - June 24, 2012

Description of Summer School Teachers Job

  • Houston Learning Academy–North Campus is located at 249 and 1960 in the Willowbook Mall area.
  • Provide instruction to students in various academic areas; evaluate and monitor students” performance; and act as an advisor to students while preparing them for opportunities in both advanced education as well as entering the job market.

Required Experience

    • Bachelor”s degree in the specialty to be taught or equivalent.
    • Teacher credential as specified under state regulations.
    • Advanced degree in education preferred.
    • Previous secondary teaching experience strongly preferred.
    • Demonstrated knowledge of and proficiency with technology and commitment to the unique role it plays in the educational arena of the 21st Century.
    • Exhibits strong interpersonal and communication skills.
    • Creates a responsive and productive working relationship with parents, children, teachers, other staff.

Required Skills

  • Provide activities that actively engage students in learning tasks which are related to curriculum goals.
  • Use a variety of strategies to determine and monitor student progress and level of achievement.
  • Prepare assignments and needed materials before the beginning of the activity.
  • Relate instructional objectives to HLA”s curriculum standards.
  • Use inquiry, varied types of questions and probes to elicit student responses at various cognitive levels.
  • Plans for and guides the learning process to help students achieve program objectives while providing opportunities for creative learning.
  • Provide for varied levels of student performance including multi-level teaching and accommodations, when appropriate.
  • Employ strategies that motivate, encourage and promote high performance in all students.
  • Exhibit teacher/student interactions that reflect politeness, warmth, praise and cooperation.
  • Use a variety of materials such as contextual, supplemental, teacher-constructed, teaching bulletin boards, audio-visual, hands-on, discovery and activity-based learning in instruction.
  • Formalize lesson plans for upcoming instructional period.
  • Use results of formal testing to evaluate student”s progress and instructional effectiveness, when appropriate.
  • Inform students, parents, other teachers and administrators of students” progress as necessary.
  • Implements useful diagnostic and progress assessment measures.
  • Maintains open lines of communication with parents/guardians.

Job Location:    Houston, TX US
Position Type:    Part-Time
Salary:    15.00 – 20.00 USD

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