Software Development Engineer Job at ThinkNear – Los Angeles, CA

Author - May 30, 2012

Description of Software Development Engineer Job:

We are looking for a top tier software engineer or chronically under-recognized hacker. Along the top of your resume, you could list 30-odd acronyms from SQL to XML and back through the JVM a dozen times, but hate the idea that that’s what companies will evaluate you on. You don’t code, you craft. Your solutions are as elegant as they are simple. You love getting that perfect solution that takes only 4 lines of code instead of an ungodly 6. You have experience building real products in the real world.

Our ideal Software Development Engineer candidate can self-manage. When a critical deadline looms you can power through and deliver a reliable solution. You are the go-to guy (or girl) on whatever team you work. You are ready to jump into an intense and high-growth start-up environment.

Final note: The Software Development Engineer position is for one of the first few engineers. You’ll be in a position to shape the direction of the code, the team, the product, and the company. We’re looking for people who are excited by that.

Software Development Engineer Job Qualifications

  • Bachelors Degree in Computer Science or related major from top school
  • Good CS fundamentals
  • Experience developing in Xnix (Mac OK if you use the command line a lot)
  • Comfortable in a small, intense and high-growth start-up environment

Perks of Software Development Engineer Job

  • Daily Halo & Ping Pong Tournament
  • $2,500 tech budget
  • Lots of snacks, drinks, and other goodies in the office
  • $150 monthly take-out budget (who needs a chef)

About ThinkNear

ThinkNear is building the infrastructure to help usher in the post-PC era. We help the mobile app ecosystem thrive by enabling developers to make money from their apps, consumers to enjoy free experiences, and advertisers to reach relevant consumers in a privacy friendly way.

We have a killer team (Amazon, Harvard MBA, Yale, Princeton, CMU, Waterloo), amazing investors (IA, Google, Qualcomm), and even some buzz (Business Insider top 25 startups, TechCrunch, GigaOm, Mashable…).

We are tackling hard and interesting technical challenges, creating massive opportunity, and having a ton of fun in the process. We’re always looking for ambitious, driven self-starters who want to be on the leading edge of developing technology.

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