Rutgers University – NURSE – Camden, NJ

Author - February 5, 2013

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Reports directly to the Director of the Health Center. Provides a wide variety of clinical and nonclinical services in collaboration with other professionals to support the orderly operation of the health center and the delivery of optimum level care to students. Ensures that proper QA/CQI activities are performed and documented throughout the Health Services. Develops, implements, and evaluates a systemwide program to measure, assess, and improve outcomes. Oversees QA/CQI staff representatives and their activities. Provides effective executive leadership for CQI committee. Coordinates Peer Review activities on all professional staff to improve outcomes. Oversees student/staff satisfaction program. Is responsible for regulatory compliance and risk management practices. Coordinates participation in the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care.

Job Requirements

Requires a bachelor’s degree in nursing, a valid license to practice in the State of New Jersey, and two years experience in health care management with experience in developing and implementing Quality Assurance programs and Risk Management practices. Requires experience managing Emergency Preparedness and Infection Control programs and working knowledge of JCAOH or AAHC accreditation standards. Requires CPR certification or the willingness to obtain it once employed. >>>» View or apply to job