Registered Nurse at KVC Health Systems, Inc in Hays, KS

Author - June 27, 2011

Registered Nurse Position Summary:

Registered Nurse services include taking medication orders and supervising the dispensing of medications; charting and medical record keeping; assessing medical health concerns, including infection control and assuring that needs are met in a timely manner; working with the staff nutritionist to meet patients dietary needs; communicating with case managers or adults in charge of the patients physical health; assisting with injuries and accidents; and consultation with direct care staff.

  • Completes nursing health assessment on all patients (including PPC) at admission within 24 hours for Psychiatric Hospital and Neutral Grounds, Transitional Living Program within 72 hours after admission to KVC residential and emergency services
  • When a nursing consult is requested, the KVC nurse will document in the patient’s chart all injuries, illnesses, behavior problems, admission, discharges, doctor orders, doctor visits, therapies, treatments, labs, X-rays, and ER visits
  • Registered Nurse Ensures proper medications are available for the patient during the stay at KVC
  • Reviews all doctor’s orders in time to receive new medication and/or implement orders before leaving shift when appropriate as deemed medically necessary
  • Registered Nurse Notifies the pharmacy in a timely and accurate manner of new orders
  • Transcribes doctor’s orders from previous shift if necessary
  • Collects specimens for labs per doctor’s orders
  • Registered Nurse Accurately receives and transcribes doctor’s orders
  • Notifies proper individuals concerning patient’s status
  • Dispenses medication, including narcotics, monitors medication passes as needed
  • Registered Nurse KVC nursing applies First Aid to patients and staff when necessary
  • Monitors allergies on each patient
  • Registered Nurse Takes verbal order from community physicians when appropriate and calls a KVC physician for approval
  • Obtains approval from the KVC doctors to continue medication that the patient had when admitted
  • Registered Nurse After addressing the following and obtaining orders as necessary, reports any rashes, elevated temperatures, diarrheas, vomiting, stiff neck, sore throats lasting three (3) days, dizziness, unsteady gait, severs headaches, vision problems, injuries other than a simple cut or bruise, unexplained pain, and head injuries, etc. to the physician and Medical Nurse Manager
  • Communicates in the Nursing Turnover Book any and all patient’s medical concerns and problems
  • Registered Nurse Communicates verbally and in the unit Turnover Book any necessary communication for the safe and accurate care of the patients
  • Registered Nurse Assists the unit staff, when possible, with the scheduling of outside doctor appointments, when referred by a KVC doctor
  • Performs special procedures and treatments under the direction of a licensed physician, then documents the procedure and outcome in the MAR, Nursing Turnover Book, and in the patient’s progress notes in the chart
  • Nursing, along with the Compliance Officer, reviews MAR’s for accurate medication passing and documentation, along with any special orders being addressed through documentation
  • Registered Nurse Accurately monitors and documents on MAR’s
  • Keeps monthly POS (Physician Order Sheets) up to date with new orders
  • Registered Nurse Checks for accuracy of new medication and renewed medications
  • Registered Nurse Monitors all allergies of patients and reactions to new medications for adverse reaction
  • Assists the doctor during clinic hours
  • When nursing input is requested, the KVC nurse will document a follow up on variances and critical variances
  • Registered Nurse Communicates with dietary any new or changes in client diets, also reports any allergies of a patient to dietary
  • Administers all PRN psychotropic medications under the direct order of a KVC doctor
  • Nonmedical staff are not allowed to dictate when PRN’s are given
  • Obtains consent for immunizations, PPD’s, and allergy shots needed for outside providers
  • Nursing, along with Compliance Officer, will review all immunization records for up-to-date immunizations, then report any immunizations that are behind to the doctor
  • Registered Nurse Keeps track of all infections in the Tracker Book
  • Maintain/update outside doctor appointments, and emergency room visits in the Tracker Book and report outside doctor appointments to the outpatient secretary
  • Registered Nurse Ensure that patients have proper medications available at school, with the proper consents signed. Notify the school immediately when the doctor has changed any medication
  • Transcribes order without using medical terminology when possible
  • Reports to the Director of Nursing of the Compliance Officer any reportable infectious disease
  • Demonstrate proper usage of the EEG and glucometer machines
  • Registered Nurse Completes peer review as assigned, monthly (KVC Nursing only)
  • Assists with patient/parent teaching as needed
  • When nursing is available, properly packs all medications for passes and discharges or reviews pass sheets/medications
  • Properly reports any abuse/neglect of a patient
  • Pull medications that are discontinues, then properly mark the MAR
  • Registered Nurse Report major disabling, or life threatening illness or injury to the Medical Nurse Manager or the Compliance officer immediately
  • Keep monthly physician’s order sheet (POS) up to date with new orders
  • Checks for accuracy of new medication and renewed medication
  • Pull monthly physician order sheets (POS) for the pharmacy on the 23rd of every month
  • Page Medical Nurse Manager for questions or clarification of protocolRegistered Nurse
  • Documents in the patient’s progress notes results of condition being treated on an ongoing basis and a final note after medication is discontinued
  • Address any medical/psychiatric concerns of a patient with the therapist and receive physician order as needed from the appropriate physician and carry out any orders, protecting the patient, to ensure well being
  • Conduct hygiene/educational groups
  • Assists in staff training as needed.

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