Elementary Teacher Job in Warrensburg School District – Warrensburg, MO

Author - June 22, 2012

Responsibilities of Elementary Teacher Job:

  • To provide a quality instructional program for students;
  • to complete teaching duties necessary to the district’s educational program.


  • Degree:  Minimum of Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution (exceptions related to certification).
  • Certificate:  Missouri teaching certificate in area of assignment.

Successful completion of Missouri Teacher Competency Exam, if applicable; other experience commensurate with assignment.

Location:  Maple Grove Elementary School

Job Function

  • The teacher causes students to actively participate and be successful in the learning process.
    • students to acquire the knowledge and skills to gather, analyze, and apply information and ideas.
    • students to acquire the knowledge and skills to communicate effectively within and beyond the classroom.
    • students to acquire the knowledge and skills to recognize and solve problems.
    • the students to acquire the knowledge and skills to make decisions and act as responsible members of society.
  • The teacher uses various forms of assessment to monitor and manage student learning.
    • various ongoing assessments to monitor the effectiveness of instruction.
    • provides continuous feedback to students and family.
    • assists students in the development of self-assessment skills.
    • aligns the assessments with the goals, objectives, and instructional strategies of the district curriculum guides.
    • assessment techniques that are appropriate to the varied characteristics and developmental needs of students.
  • The teacher is prepared and knowledgeable of the content and effectively maintains students on-task behavior.
    • demonstrates appropriate preparation for instruction.
    • chooses and implements appropriate methodology and varied instructional strategies that address the diversity of learners.
    • creates a positive learning environment.
    • effectively manages student behaviors.
  • The teacher communicates and interacts in a professional manner with the school community.
    • communicates appropriately with students, parents, community, and staff.
    • engages in appropriate interpersonal relationships with students, parents, community, and staff.
  • The teacher keeps current on instructional knowledge and seeks and explores changes in teacher behaviors that will improve student performance.
    • engages in professional development activities consistent with the goals and objectives of the building, district, and state.
    • engages in professional growth.
  • The teacher acts as a responsible professional in addressing the overall mission of the school district.
    • adheres to all the policies, procedures and regulations of the building and district.
    • assists in maintaining a safe and orderly environment.
    • collaborates in the development and/or implementation of the district’s vision, mission, and goals.

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