Central Maine Medical Center: Diabetic Nurse Educator job in Lewiston, ME

Author - July 4, 2012

Description of Diabetic NurseNurse Practitioner - Home Based Primary and Palliative Care Program for Veterans Affairs, Veterans Health Administration in Decatur, GA. Read more ... » Educator:

  • Will work with inpatients, outpatients and ADEF (Ambulatory Diabetes Education and Follow-up) program.
  • Responsible and accountable to work in collaboration with all members of the health care team to educate patients, families, staff and community in the skills needed for caring for diabetes.
  • Demonstrates competency in the performance of assessments, planning and coordination of individualized and outcome-oriented plans, and provides accurately delivered outcome-focused interventions.
  • Demonstrates competency in adult learning principles, group process, facilitation in educating people with diabetes and their families, staff and community.
  • Demonstrates competency in educating patients, families, staff and community about diabetes.
  • Acts as the key resource nurse to staff, people with diabetes and their families.


Skills: Basic computer knowledge.

Department:     Endocrinology
Schedule:     Full-time
Shift:     Day shift
Hours:     Monday-Friday 36 hrs/wk

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