AXA Financial – New York, NY – Investment Advisor / Asset Manager

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The Investment AdvisorPrudential Financial for Registered Investment Advisor-RIA, Financial Analyst and Capital Markets in Iselin, NJ . Read more ... »/Asset Manager is a difficult yet highly rewarding position that requires a great deal of trading activities/money management for high net worth clients and businesses that range from small businesses to institutional clients. The Advisor’s main duties are to assist the clients in managing thier portfolio, investment strategies, tax reduction strategies, business benefits structure and risk portfolio. Additional daily activities include the following:

  • Periodic Client Engagements/Meetings/Reviews
  • Daily money management/trading equities/bonds/ETFs/commodities/options/futures markets
  • Qualified Planning and designing/testing/implementing and managing Defined Contribution/Benefit/Hybrid plans such as 401ks, profit sharing, etc.
  • Non-Qualified planning/management/reporting
  • Business planning/tax reduction and corporate benefits strategies/solutions
  • Assessing and implementing solutions to manage high networth client’s personal risks
  • Estate analysis and through knowledge of planning techniques, trust documents, wills, Fed&State Tax laws,etc.

Desired Skills: Any qualified candidates will have to go through a rigorous training program to prepare them in dealing and understanding the ever so changing global markets and investment strategies as well as tax codes so no prior experience is needed.

However, they still need to have some core characteristics which are listed below:

  • Strong Entrepreneur and Independent sense
  • Excellent time management ability
  • Ability to focus and function well under extreme stress and pressure
  • Basic understanding of the financial/global markets
  • Confident attitude and ability to work well with others
  • Coachable, quick adaptability and learning sense
  • Ability to absorb a large amount of information under structured training

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