Alameda Health System: Certified Nurse MidWife job in Oakland, CA

Author - October 13, 2013

Job Summary: Under direction, to provide antepartum, intrapartum, and postpartum care for patient with ACMC; to take patients’ medical histories and perform physical examinations of antepartal, postpartum woman and refer to a physician whenever appropriate; and to perform related duties as required.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: Education: Graduate of Board approved program in Nurse-Midwifery or equivalency that is satisfactory to the Board of Registered Nursing. Experience: The equivalent of one year full-time recent nursing experience in an acute care hospital setting (experience in Labor and Delivery is highly desirable). OR Demonstrated experience which would provide the knowledge and skill necessary for successful performance as a Nurse-Midwife.

SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: Must apply for, be granted and maintain Allied Health Staff Privileges with ACMC.

PREFERRED: Experience with OB and Family Planning.

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  • Takes patients’ medical, social obstetric history; provides prenatal care to patients in consultation with a physician; orders medications per obstetric nurse-wife protocols; documents in patients’ medical records all care rendered; does chart review and follow-up care.
  • Performs physical examinations including heart and lung, fundal height, fetal heart rates and Leopold’s maneuvers; performs vaginal exams, self-breast exams, clinical pelvimetry and general health status exams; determines presence or absence or abnormalities; consults and/or refers complications to a physician.
  • Writes admission orders; orders and/or performs approved laboratory examinations; supports patients during labor and teaches relaxation and breathing techniques as needed; encourages and teaches support persons to actively assist the laboring woman; independently manages and delivers low-risk patients; assumes co-management of high risk women when appropriate; delivers patients followed by a physician when attending in surgery; informs patient and their family of progress and involves them in any treatment, decision or plan; acts as a consultant to house staff and manages all patients in Labor and Delivery when attending MD is in surgery or attending other duties; manages complications and emergencies until physician arrives.
  • Determines status of labor; assesses, confirms and manages premature rupture of membranes; determines the need for amniotomy, IUPC insertion, fetal scalp electrode application, catherizationm IV fluid administration, episiotomy, medication, etc.; determines the need for the presence of attending physician and/or nurse anesthetist; initiates and manages IV oxytocin induction or stimulation of labor after consultation with attending physician; orders appropriate vital signs and fetal heart rate monitoring; assesses uterine contractions/bleeding; injects local anesthesia for episiotomy and repair as indicated; performs episiotomy as indicated; repairs episiotomy, 1st and 2nd degree lacerations, as indicated; examines placental membranes and cord vessels and reports abnormal findings.
  • Performs initial assessment of newborn status; assists in promoting establishment of airway and maintenance of body temperature; begins resuscitation efforts in the absence of physician.
  • Determines appropriateness of discharge; writes postpartum orders as indicated; manages postpartum care (physical/emotional assessment, educational assessment); assesses need for referrals (e.g. Breastfeeding Counselors); signs birth certificate.
  • Provides telephone consultation/referrals to any patient phoning Labor and Delivery with concerns or questions; participates in patient education programs and community education; counsels/completes consent forms for tubal ligations and HIV testing

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